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Planned Mobilities

In This project there were 5 Planned mobilities which had to be changed due to covid restictions. The preliminar planning was this

  • October -2019 Novy Jicin – Czech Republic
  • March 2020 Soudarkrokur – Iceland
  • October 2020 Nereto – Italy
  • February 2021 Sao Joao da Madeira – Portugal
  • May 2021 Torremolinos – Spain

In March 2020 , COVID appear and forced us cancel the programmed Iceland mobility and to postpone it to October 2020 , However in this date ap`peared the 2º wave and we have to postpone it again.

The Current planning is this one

  • October -2019 Novy Jicin – Czech Republic
  • September 2021 Soudarkrokur – Iceland
  • November 2021 Sao Joao da Madeira – Portugal
  • March 2022 Torremolinos – Spain
  • April 2022 Nereto – Italy

Project Objectives

The project plan and its objectives are:

a) Inspire and educate girls and boys to enhance diversity and competitiveness in IT field (especially programming and 3D modeling). We want to change and balance forces. We want more women in IT.

b) Enrich our pupils with the knowledge and skills of other programming languages, get new programmers. Improve their position in the labor market, thanks to the knowledge of ICT (mainly algorithms and logical thinking) and foreign language. Both are necessary for university studies, but also for their future career.

c) Improving communication skills in foreign languages and broadening the vocabulary of professional English (focused on ICT).

d) Focus on the future of IT technologies – 3D printing and modeling.

e) International cooperation of students and teachers, comparison and search for new ways of teaching ICT. Encourage teachers to adopt common and innovative practices

. f) Share our work, results and products, especially among other schools. g) Get knowledge of the school and cultural environment of a given country or region.

h) To promote the development of social, civic and intercultural competencies, media literacy and critical thinking.

i) The use of sports activities – through the idea that it is not good to just sit on a PC but also do something for your health.

j) To develop learning materials and tools as well as actions that support the effective use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in education throught advice and workshops.

These clearly formulated objectives are linked to the selected priorities.

Mobility P1 Czech Republic

The first international meeting of the Erasmus + project called „Girls with boys programming in Europe.“

The main coordinator is Mendelova Secondary School, mainly the Economical Part in Šenov u Nového Jičína. The partners of the project are

  • Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Serafim Leite from S. João da Madeira in Portugal
  • Fjolbrautaskoli Nordurlands vestra from Iceland
  • Istituto d’Istruzione Superiore “G. Peano – C. Rosa” from Nereta in Italy
  • IES Playmar from Torremolinos in Spain

The first meeting took place from 21st to 24th October in Nový Jičín. Two girls, two boys and two teachers arrived on Sunday from Iceland and Portugal. Three girls, one boy and two teachers from Spain and two boys, two girls and one teacher from Italy. After welcoming the guests on Monday morning, there was a brief introduction of schools and regions of the partners. There was a workshop for students in a computer lab from 10am to 2.pm.

The main topics were algorithm and programming in Visual Basic. Meanwhile the teachers were discussing the ICT equipment, financing of ICT, seminars for teachers and they also chose a logo of the projects whose draft designs were prepared by students. The students visited a town hall in Nový Jičín where the vice-mayor Mgr. Ondřej Syrovátka welcomed them and he talked about history and places of interest of the town. We climbed to the top of the town hall´s tower after a brief discussion. Visiting the information centre and the hat museum was very interesting as everyone could try on various hats made by company TONAK.

Post from RICOH THETA. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA
360 shot of students visit to the hat museum

The next day there was a trip to company TIETO with a workshop. The lecturer Tomáš Fröpl explained the basic of p5js editor and the students were creating a game PINPONG. Everyone enjoyed this presentation.

There was a visit to the 3D print Photolab at Technical University in Ostrava. We learnt about 3D print of products from plastic and metal and the highlight of day was testing of a scooter prototype. We also enjoyed a wonderful view of the new town hall in Ostrava.

There was the workshop on Wednesday. The topic was 3D modelling in Thinkercad and 3D print off the printing machine Průša. The students made a key tag and the logo of the project was made in 3D print. Meanwhile the teachers were discussing and organising the next meeting which will be in Iceland, and were planning tasks that need to be done. Both these activities were recorded by TV POLAR, including interviews with participants of the project. Certificates were given to all participants at the municipal office in Šenov u Nového Jičína by the vice-mayor JUDr. Karel Třetina.

We went to Pustevny where we enjoyed the popular Sky Walk and also a beautiful weather, later we had an excursion to Štamberk´s ears manufacture. Thursday was a great opportunity for exploring the natural beauty of Moravian Karst and Macocha Abbys. On the way back we admired the historical centre of Olomouc. In the evening the students went to play bowling and the teachers evaluated the whole 4-day meeting. I believe that the aim, which was making the programming and 3D print more interesting, has been fulfilled. The students were improving their English knowledge, also thanks to the fact that the foreign students were staying in their families. Everybody is excited about the March meeting in Iceland.

Objetives of Mobility P1 Czech Republic

  • Improve the patners communication
  • Introduce and improve the friendship between students and teachers.
  • Establish the Project identitities: documentation, dissemination , logo & Website.
  • Develop the planned workshops and conferences


Monday – 21 October 2019

9: 00 – 10:00 Welcoming the guests, presentation of schools
10:00 – 11:30 Visual Basic Workshop. Enviroment & Hello World.
11:30 – 12:00 lunch
12:00 – 14: 00 Visual Basic Workshop. Control Structures.
14:30 Historical Tour in Nový Jičín´s square
15:30 Official Presentation of the project in the town hall.
Meeting the town´s local representatives
16:30 Visit to the Historical Museum of hats Industrial Heritage of Nový Jičín

Tuesday 22 October 2019

7:30 Departure to Ostrava
8:40 Visit Headquaters Tieto Company . World leader in IT services
10:00 Workshop about Javascript &Video games Creation in P5Js at Tieto Formation Center Company https://p5js.org/ .
13:00 Visit & Conference Technical University of Ostrava & Erasmus+ posibilities for students
13:30 Conference about 3D Design in Carbon Fiber in the centre of 3D Tisku Protolab, FS, VŠB-TU University of Ostrava
14.30 lunch in Ostrava
15.30 Ostrava town´s hall tower and industrial history of the region
16.00 shopping in the shopping centre Karolína
17.30 departure to NJ

Wednesday 23 October 2019

09:00 3D print Workshop, Tinkercad & logo creation.
10:30 Working Session 1 Teachers’ meeting for the second meeting in Iceland
12:00 Sport session for Tech Students: Floorball Tournament.
11:00 Visit to Pustevny, Walk in the Sky.
14:00 Visit and Workshop in the “Štramber´s Ears” Fabric. Moravian protected designation of origin in EU Product.
14:00 Visit to Štramber´s tower, square.
18.00 Departure to NJ

Thursday 24 October 2019

08.00 departure to Macocha
09:30 Macocha – Punkva Caves (http://www.propast-macocha.cz/)
12.00 Lunch
13.30 Kroměříž castle, gardens or Olomouc (astronomical clock, basilica..)
18.00 Arrival at NJ
19.00 business dinner for teachers, bowling and snacks for students


Visual Basic Workshop. Enviroment & Hello World.

Visual Basic Workshop. Control Structures

360 shot in VB Workshop – 360 interactive shot here

JavaScript Pj5 Programming Workshop in Tieto.

14:30 Historical Tour in Nový Jičín´s square

15:30 Official Presentation of the project in the town hall. Meeting the town´s local representatives

360 shot with Town Mayor – 360 interactive shot here

16:30 Visit to the Historical Museum of hats Industrial Heritage of Nový Jičín