Portugal Mobility C3

This Mobility C3 in Portugal, has been configurated as the 3nd European Congress: “Programing, Entreprenurship Art & Crafts ” of the Project : Girls and Boys are Programming in Europe with code 2019-1-CZ01-KA229-061282.

In this congress, Teachers and students from the differents schools of the erasmus project participated in the following activities : cultural activities, formation sessions, exhibitions and Working Sessions.

Covid Impact

As all the projects and mobilities in these times, this mobility has suffered also some problems and modifications due to Covid restrictions .

First of all it was planned to be developed in Spring of 2021 as the fourth mobility but due the confinations, it had to be postponed to this november 2021 as the third mobility before Italy.

Secondly, This mobility has been planned in a moment of the start of the concerns for the expansions of new variants of virus (like Omicron) and this has been an additional concern for the coordinators and teachers who are assuming a great responsability in case any member of the trip would be infected.

Finally , Families are no more eager or even willing to host students which are from other countries due to this illness concerns and this is an aditional problem because Students has to be hosted in paid accomodations like hotels and others and this was not part of the budget . This is a big difficulty for the budget plannets of each team.

Fortunately the Portuguese team has make a very strong effort to make everything work and to help everybody to make this mobility successful.

Also the Coordinators & Members of each team has worked hard to give our students this wonderful experience and formation.

Synergies & Cooperation

Three Teams of this This project (Spanish, icelandic and Czech Teams) shares another project which is relationated with Crafts ( Using ICTs to preserve European Craftsmanship ). As San Joao de Madeira has a very important crafts and industrial tourism orientation and taking advantage of this happy situation, we have developed several activities which can be beneficial for both projects.

This project has also count with the support of the town hall which has included our project in several local activities , the Sanjotec Enterprise platform, some Local enterprises and of course the Serafim Leite Team.

From these lines we want to thanks for their help and collaboration.


In this mobility, we will develop the planned 3D design, scanning , Java programming , Arduino and Entrepreneurship contents. This Mobility has also will benefy of the Crafts especializations in the town.

  • 3D Printing
    • 3D Modeling in Tinkercad
    • 3D Scanning for inclusion in 3d Spaces
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Entreprises Incubators
    • Entreprise Software and Bussiness model
    • Educational Entrepreneurship

  • Programming
    • Arduino Programming
    • Use of Arduino Simulator Simulino
    • Implementation of Arduino Circuits in a Protoboard
    • Use/Installation of Java NetBeans Ide for front end interfaces
    • Creation of Java software
  • Virtual Reality
    • Using VR and Kuula.com


Sunday 28/11/2021

  • Serafin Leite team organizes the reception of the Teams in the hotel (Portugese team has arraged an affordable price with local hotels so the host of the students could be done with the reduced budget).
  • They prepared a warm welcome tour by the SJM town and explained every team the best options to have lunch/dinner.

Monday 29/11/2021

8:15 Several members of SJM team Picked up every team from the hotel and walk to school

9:00- 10:15 Welcome reception at Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Serafim Leite by Educative Authorities Amenized with a concert of a local star.

Teachers Activity: Knowhow Transfers between schools. Learning How one of the biggest Educative centers in North portugal Works.

Students & Teachers Activity: Discovering Portugal with Kahoot Contest. (Icelandic Students team Wons 😉 )

Students Activity: Presentation of each country and town by the own students.

Delivery of Congress materials. Portugal team prepared a set of very nice materials (pencils, agendas , ballpens and others) which we can use in the project.

10:30 Coffee Break organized by SL team with a nice erasmus photocall for students

11:00 Presentation of the Congress and Project to Local Authorities (the mayor of São João da Madeira and a town councillors) in town hall.

11:30 Conference Craft & Industrial Tourim in SJM
In this conference Students and Teachers Learned about the importance of industrial and craft tourism in San Joao de Madeira and the inniciatives held by town hall to improve them by Mr Jorge Vultos Sequeira, Mayor of SJM. This was also a Craft Sinergy Activity for the UIPEC Project

12:00-13:30 Lunch at the school canteen

13:00 Activity Visit to to VIARCO Installations (Portugal more important pencils fabric) – “Learning the importance of innovation in the crafts industry using the new technologies”. This Portuguese company opened in 1907, and still preserves the handmade manufacturing process, and a visit lets you in on all the secrets connected with the production of graphite and coloured pencils. This was also a Craft Sinergy Activity for the UIPEC Project

15:00 Activity Visit to Cortadoria Nacional de Pelo Installations: (one of the 9 world producers of high quality rabit and beaver textils raw materials). “Automating crafts process to industrial ones using New tecnologies” This visit can be a bit to realistic about the products, after it you will never see the skins and you will get respect from all those products. We also learned how the quality old crafting process had been automatized. This was also a Craft Sinergy Activity for the UIPEC Project .

  • 18:00 Return to the hotel and free dinner time

Tuesday 30/11/2021

  • Arrive @ FNV: 8:30

9:00-10:15 Working Session I – 3D modeling Workshop . In this Workshop Students and Teachers learned the several advanced techniques for the developing of 3d Models for printing or

10:15-11:00 Coffee break

11:00- 12:00 Working Session II – 3D scanning workshop using Qlone
There are specific expensive machines for the 3d Scanning, however in a educative context we can use a more affordable tool a mobile phone with the Qlone app instaled

12:00-13:30 Lunch at the school canteen

13:30 Visit to Porto. Discovering the Cultural heritage of Porto Capital of the North of Portugal. Students of 4 Course of the School acted as of Touristic guides showing the others schools the hotspots of the town from the Allies Avenue, Batalla square to the river and the historic Luis I Bridge.

14:30 Activity Showing students how to create 360 images with theta camera and uploading it to a sharing platform (kuula.co)

In this activity, we used a 360 Ricoh Theta Camera to show students, how they can create 360 degrees images and how they can upload it to a platform (http://Kuula.co ) to share it

15:30 Visit to Crafts Fair in Porto. (Sinergy Activity)
Crafts are a production area whichi is in a time of change that have a lot of to do with new Technologies. Besides Porto is a town full of crafts. In this activity we visit this craft fair to learn about the typical porto crafts and we make a small activity to discover how we could improve each craft using TICS. This was a Sinergy Technology with our shared project (Uipec / eucrafts.eu)

16:30 Activity : “Descovering the industrial heritage of Gaia”

Gaia is the town of the south part of Oporto opposite shore of the river Duero (Douro). This was a very wine production and industrial focused town that in the last days has moved to tourism and other areas . In this visit we learned about this changes thanks to the explanations of the teachers and students who accompained the trip.

19:30 Return to the hotel and free dinner time

Wednesday 01/12/2021

8:15 Day trip around Douro/Pinhão/Régua

10:00 Activity Douro Crafted Wine D.O Workshop. Techonolgy and Cultural Heritage. Learning the basis of Porto wine production and how the Douro Wine D.O. was implemented in Quinta do Pacheca. Experts from Quinta do Pacheca explined the students how This Wine Origin denomination is the economic and cultural engine in the region and the restrinctions of quality that they have to accomplish.

12:00 Activity Visit to Museo do Duero in Régua and walkthrough of Régua Bridge . Douro Museum in Régua is one of the Must see of the region and it’s double bridge over the douro are really impresive.

13:00 Lunch in Torrão Restaurant in Régua .

16:00 Activity Reconverting industry to Tourism Entrepreneurship Workshop. One expert from the Companhia Turistica do douro explanied teachers and students how the traditional activity of Wine Ships was transformed to an tourism industry of river transfers ships in Pinhão and we make a beautiful trip in one of these ships.

19:00 Return to the hotel and free dinner time

Activity Exclusive Guided Night Visit to Oliva Art Center in San Joao de Madeira. During XX Century San Joao de Madeira was, and still is, an important industrial town but with the entry of the new century authorities has started working in the development of a new tourism, technology and cultural industry . One of these inniciatives is the Oliva Art Center. Townhall supported our project with a night guided opening of the museum in exclusive for our students and teachers from these lines, we want to thanks this support.

Thursday 02/12/2021

9:00-10:15 Working session III Arduino .
Arduino is an open-source Technological platform based in single-board microcontrollers and microcontroller kits for building digital devices. Its hardware products are licensed under a CC-BY-SA license and software is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) . this is Perfect for educacion and our project. In this workshop our students learned how to program a Arduino microcontroller to interact with a sensor and diodes.

10:15-10:45 Coffee break

10:45-12:00 Working session IV JAVA and NetBeans

Java is one of the most important programming languages and and Netbeans is a successfull ide . In This workshop students learn how to program a basic Calculator with the logo of the Project

12:00-12:30 Lunch at the school canteen

12:30-16:30 New Technologies Entrpreneurship Event
Serafim Leite Escola with Sanjotec Enterprise Bussiness prepared this event in which students could learn how The enterprise incubators works and how students can present a project to ask access to them. We also recibed other conferences by the Prologica a succesful example of tecnhological enterprises.

Conference :”New Technologies Sanjotec Enterprise incubator”. Sanjotec is an iniciative which helps entrerprises to develop their potential in this presentation they show us their instalations and make a small conference showing the students how they could start their own entreprise.

Conference :”Prologica TIC Success Case in Sanjotec”. Prologica is one of the most successfull compaines in E-heath. They are base in Sanjotec installations and in this presentation is an iniciative which helps entrerprises to develop their potential in this presentation they show us their instalations and make a small conference showing the students how they could start their own entreprise

Conference :”Meliora Example of Development of a Real TIC Software”. One of the engenieers of Prologica showed the students the real case of an software developed by them the Meliora Hospital and Eheath platform.

Conference :”Eductative Entreneurship Innicia.
In this presentation one of the professors showed students and teachers how educational Entrepreneurship was being developed in Andalusia thorought the Innicia Innciative

Activity ” Visit to the installations of a Real Software Entreprise”
Students had the chance to make a small visit to the installations of a real Entreprise

Conference Meliora: Example of Development of a Real TIC Software

17:30–18:30 visit to Castelo da Feira and Senhor da Pedra

19:00 Farewell Group Dinner

Friday 03/12/2021

9.00-10.30 Workshop Working session VI – MicroBit
The final workshop of the project was with this similar to arduino tecnhology

9:00 Project Control & Coordination Mobility Meeting. Post mobility activities / balance of the mobility and the activities . Before the conclusion of the mobility, we held this meeting to make the evaluation of the situation of the project and to establish the activities for next movilitites which would be in Spain in March.

We also evaluated the mobility as very positive and proposed several improvements for next movilities.

From this lines we want to thank the portugese team for this great job.


This congress was diseminated in several ways.

In the websites of each school there was a publication with information

Social networks

We created an Etwinning event : so that many colleages could follow the activities

We created a codeweek event :

From this lines we want to thank organizators them for their attentions.

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