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Since September 2009 the I.I.S.S. “G. Peano – C. Rosa” offers both high school and technical economic addresses to the Vibratiano area and beyond distributed in the two offices in Viale Europa and in Via Vittorio Veneto in Nereto.

In the current school year 2019-20 the high school courses D – E (Linguistico), H (Human Sciences), the classes of the Biennium A – B (Scientific) are hosted in the first location (historical location of the “G. Peano” High School) 1st ^ (Human Sciences) 1st ^ (Cambridge Articulated).

Where is the school?

The headquarters of the former I.T.C. “C. Rosa” hosts the A (AFM), B (SIA) and C (Tourism) courses of the Economic Technician as well as the high school courses C (Applied Sciences) and F (SU Economico Sociale), the 2 ^ G (Cambridge), the Triennium A – B (Scientific); the Evening course.

Both locations are well served by the T.U.A. (ex ARPA) which connects Nereto to the neighboring municipalities of the coast and inland.

The office and secretarial offices are also located in the Via Europa office.

The school year is divided into two periods: a first quarter, from September until the suspension for the Christmas holidays, with intermediate ballots in January, and a five-month period, from the beginning of January until the end of the lessons, with final ballots in the first mid-June.

The lessons of the Technical courses take place from Monday to Saturday from 8.20 to 13.20. The start of classes is always one week earlier than in high school.

The lessons of the high school courses are organized from Monday to Saturday from 8.20 and with exit from the school as follows:

  • Triennium 13.20.
  • Biennium: Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 12.20; Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 1.20 pm; classes 1BG (artic. Cambridge) and 2B and 2G leave at 12.20 on Saturday only.

Any additional and planning activities are activated from 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm.

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