Project Objectives

The project plan and its objectives are:

a) Inspire and educate girls and boys to enhance diversity and competitiveness in IT field (especially programming and 3D modeling). We want to change and balance forces. We want more women in IT.

b) Enrich our pupils with the knowledge and skills of other programming languages, get new programmers. Improve their position in the labor market, thanks to the knowledge of ICT (mainly algorithms and logical thinking) and foreign language. Both are necessary for university studies, but also for their future career.

c) Improving communication skills in foreign languages and broadening the vocabulary of professional English (focused on ICT).

d) Focus on the future of IT technologies – 3D printing and modeling.

e) International cooperation of students and teachers, comparison and search for new ways of teaching ICT. Encourage teachers to adopt common and innovative practices

. f) Share our work, results and products, especially among other schools. g) Get knowledge of the school and cultural environment of a given country or region.

h) To promote the development of social, civic and intercultural competencies, media literacy and critical thinking.

i) The use of sports activities – through the idea that it is not good to just sit on a PC but also do something for your health.

j) To develop learning materials and tools as well as actions that support the effective use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in education throught advice and workshops.

These clearly formulated objectives are linked to the selected priorities.

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