IES Playamar

IES Playamar is a Bilingual Secondary School located in Torremolinos, in the south of Spain. It was founded in 1998. It is an ICT center. This school year our educational center serves 912 students aged between 12 and 20 years old.

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We offer ESO in fully bilingual (English) mode. And as post-compulsory education: Baccalaureate in the itineraries of Social, Humanities and Technology.

We also have two cycles of Vocational Training in the families of “Computer Systems and Networks” and “Electromechanics of Motor Vehicles in Dual Mode”.

The main problems of our context, based on the figures of the INE and the PISA report referenced to 2016 data, are:
-The high number of unemployed (22, 4%) and the consequent emigration.
-The growing number of students who leave school prematurely and the failure in education (25.8%, among the highest at the regional and national level)
-The low level of school performance (30%, among the highest at regional and national level)

Our school assists students from different socioeconomic contexts, and the training opportunities are not the same for everybody. We have a considerable number of immigrant students with special needs. Many families are not able to Give adequate support to your children in the school curriculum. These conditions lead to the direction and cloister of the school to take additional measures to balance them. We have a school accompaniment program during non-school hours in the center.

The school, as well as the region, possess an enormous natural heritage, in reality excessively exploited and deteriorated by the tourism and that, with the support of a good project, we are likely to make it sustainable by encouraging growth smart and inclusive (ET 2020). Through:

– Social Entrepreneurship, with a more efficient, supportive and responsible use of resources.
– Promoting inclusive growth through the promotion of multiculturalism among young people.

The teachers of the IES Playamar want to change this reality excessively dependent on seasonality and tourism.
Creating synergies, partnerships, initiatives that facilitate the start of a new development model, capable of giving an impulse, not only  economic and sustainable, to our environment but also in solidarity.

A vision shared by all the partners of this project was that, to achieve success in its implementation, it was
It is necessary to guarantee a team of quality teachers, motivated and committed. Hence, we agreed on the following
criteria that we have applied in all schools of our association.

Where is IES Playamar?

The reasons for joining us are:

1) IES Playamar teachers want to change that described reality. We intend to preserve and disseminate this ancestral knowledge about these crafts, especially those that are in danger of disappearing. And, on the other, to increase the employability of young people by helping them to start from the detection of opportunities in the craft sector using ICTs, so that they generate value and that, as their ancestors did, they can continue living from it. .

2) We need to continue with our strategic internationalization plan that began two years ago. Erasmus + is an opportunity. Regarding our potential, as a center, with the contributions to the project, indicate that:

1) Our teaching team is involved in the main relevant areas of knowledge of the project. The departments involved are: Art; History; Technology; Economy; Computing; English; Orientation and the management team

. 2) In this project the director, the association of fathers and mothers (families) and the administrative staff actively participate because, for them, it is also important to compare our organization and management with other educational systems.

3) The school interacts and collaborates with cultural institutions and craft associations in the area.