Entrepreneurship Sessions in PTA

This Activity is part of the Mobility C4 in Spain, configurated as the 4th European Congress: “Innovative tools For ICT Learning” of the Project : Girls and Boys are Programming in Europe in colaboration with our other project UIPEC (crafts , technology & Entrepreneurship ). One of the objetives of the project it`’s to improve the entrepreneur spirit of our students and this activity is made to work on it.

PTA Andalusian Technological Park Conferences

On Thursday, we had the chance to visit the PTA Andalusian Technological Park a huge complex of technological entreprises where we recibed two Conferences and we make a tour by the Most important enterprises of the park.

10:30 Visit to the PTA Andalusian Technological Park. (Spanish Silicon Valley) Entrepreneurship Conference in the Green Ray Complex in the Andalusian Technological Park and the PTA Technology museum

Conference ” Entrepreneurship Opportunities in PTA”

11:30 We had the chance to recibe a nice speech about the importance of the PTA for the entrepreneurial and technological development of Málaga, and also more important about the Opportunities for young entrepreneurs in the PTA and how students could apply for this advantage.
Our Conferencer and Host was Mrs. Aline Daniel who is International Project Manager in Málaga TechPark .

Conference ” Innicia Educative Entrepreneurship in Andalucia”

12:30 In the Conference ” Innicia Educative Entrepreneurship in Andalucia” . Our lecturer, A.Ballesteros as Member of the Pedagological team of Innicia in Malaga, showed the students 6 Teachers how this educative program Innicia has been working to improve the Entrepreneurship skills of the students in their 3 dimensions.

Tour to the Andalusian Technological Park most important entreprise

From this lines we want to thank organizators Specially to Aline Daniel from the PTA for Its attentions.

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